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About us

interior design in madurai

The way we design

  • What to build
    • The selection of site and specifications of your requirements makes this stage a vital point.
  • Sketches
    • To give exactly what the client wants; with originality catering each individual needs Timelessness- Aesthetic wonderment through years and Sustainable
  • Design Development
    • At this stage we prepare more detailed drawings to illustrate various aspects of the proposed design. The floor plans laid out shows all the rooms in the correct size and shape. Specifications are prepared n listing the major materials and room finishes. Reviewing every element of the drawing will help to imagine you actually using it.
  • Document Preparation
    • At this point, we prepare construction documents, the detailed drawings and specifications, which will be useful to establish actual construction cost and to build the project. We can assist you in the construction activities with Our construction team, which is the best among the rest. We select people for different building services so that they are the best to make sure the quality of construction and workmanship is good. We have a good team of workers who are dedicated to their task specified and finish their job in time with perfection.
  • Construction
    • The final step begins and your project moves from an abstraction to a physical reality. Our involvement continues further in construction administration services like making site visits, reviewing and approving and directing construction methods, and keeping you informed of the projects schedules & progress. The path to a completed building project is paved with lots of challenges and uncertainty. There are numerous decisions to be made, decisions which have a strong impact on how the project looks and functions over time.
interior design in madurai

Design Process

  • Design Endeavor
    • At Shelters,we provide architectural consultancy, construction services and interior design altogether. What that means for you is a streamlined process that requires minimum hassle on your end. We handle all necessary details as mandated by suppliers, contractors & authorities.
  • Recreate your dream abode
    • All you have to do is meet with our designers and architects to communicate your needs & requirements, and in no time at all you will have your dream abode recreated. Confirming payment & plans you are on your way.
  • Budgeting
    • Through our skilled team of architects, we can confidently provide you the most competitive prices in construction without compromise in quality. This streamlined process also allows us to deliver on-spot budgeting as well as completions without any unnecessary baton passing done with bidding projects.
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